Past Comments by Louis Epstein

The bureaucrats trying to redevelop the WTC site keep us busy trying to set them straight,regularly announcing plans to do the wrong thing and inviting public comment.A few examples of such commentary:

A first salvo in a supposed "listening period" that apparently involved only community activists.
On the Principles and Preliminary Blueprint
This planning document got thirty pro-Towers comments that first made them acknowledge the need for a skyline element.
On the Phase I Request for Proposals
They invited comments on the Phase I RFPs as a whole,but there were so many of them at different dates that by the time this was sent about the site development issues it probably got ignored.
On the Phase I Site Plans
After this quick note,a more detailed declaration of what has to be changed about the six dead-on-arrival proposals in Phase I.
On the Design Team plans of December 2002
Apparently the replacement for Phase II,these efforts need work.
On the Draft Scope for the Generic Environmental Impact Statement
On the first effort to secure environmental approval for Daniel Libeskind's hideous creation.
On the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement
On the next step in the environmental process.
On the Amended General Project Plan
The ill-publicized March 2004 opportunity to react to the Libeskind plan.
On the Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds
An almost totally unpublicized May 2004 opportunity to react to a request to have the taxpayers subsidize the Libeskind plan as "Community Development".
On the Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement
On a later step in the environmental process.
On the 2005 Amended General Project Plan
The early-2005 opportunity to react to a tinkered-with Libeskind plan.
On the 2005 "Environmental Assessment"
On a document related to the immediately above.
To the City Council for a March 2006 hearing not attended in person.
On the Memorial Assessment trying to cut costs on the official memorial without improving it in June 2006.
On the 2006 Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact
Repeating many previous objections as yet another tinkering was pushed ahead while the development corporation cleaned out their desks.


Sent to Mayor Bloomberg on his election, this hasn't been listened to so far.
Sent to the Memorial Foundation in 2006.
Sent to Mayor Bloomberg in 2006.

Hearing speeches

Texts prepared for the January 13th and January 14th 2003 hearings respectively.
Text for the February 18th 2004 hearing.
Speech given at the January 26th 2005 hearing is in this list-email.
Prepared for the May 18th 2006 NYS Assembly Hearing that only allowed invited speakers.

For the December 3rd 2009 Liberty Bond Hearing.

Rally speech

Departing from usually speaking extempore from notes at rallies, the prepared text for the September 10th 2006 rally speech (drawing on a number of above texts).