The World Trade Center Restoration Movement

Guide to Rebuilding Proposals

From people with their own ideas on what should be built. Many pro-rebuilders prefer the old design,or something very much like it.But not all.
Erik Sieb's project...three towers framing the sites of the lost two,bridged at the top.
Scott Hines's page
Argus Sventon's page
Izeklah's plans
Paul Schrijvers' plans
These want the Towers back slightly modified and/or relocated.

American Spirit Tower
From Lawrence Russo,tall memorial-oriented towers plus other buildings for offices.Bought a full-page ad in the NY Times.

Warren Farr's rebuilding page
Three triangular towers.
Jacques Benoit's design Heavy on artistic aspects,but identical in form to old.
"The Plan of the People" by Ken Gardner and Herbert Belton
Formerly part of the Team Twin Towers site,now has the above and a new site (which has some browser compatibility issues). Now endorsed by Donald Trump!
Memorial-competition version of the Lawrence Shen plan
The definitive version of this 136-story proposal does not have a website yet.
"All One All Free" by Keith Edwards
Twin 120-story towers and a large memorial courtyard.Site is not Lynx-friendly
Robin Heid's "The People's Plan" By a leading Team Twin Towers member

The following three designs,along with "All One All Free" and Heid's "People's Plan",were named finalists in a competition run by Team Twin Towers.None provided height specifications on their sites but TTT had the old Twins' height as a minimum requirement.
Eternal Reflection by Benjamin Bakas Site down
107th Floor by Christophe Hebert Site down
Ed Schramling's design site hosted by Rebuild-the-Towers

Other proposals don't have websites but we will link to any we learn of that meet our basic criteria.

The following proposals have HAD websites that appear to have shut down, we mention them for the sake of completeness:

Liberty Square
from Franck Lohsen McCrery Architects

WTC 2002Link now iffy
Note:Current Flash version required
Derek Turner's concept,round towers over a dome and under a pyramid.
Justin Berzon's "Standing Tall" images now missing...he still has a website
Memorial Tower From architect Greg Higgins. site down
Niels Koizumi's "Gigadime" images now has other content
James Costigan's "WTC Design 7" site down
A circle of structures ranging up to 110 stories(1440 feet). Note that both this and Sieb's design use the name "Memorial Circle",and both this and Turner's design aspire to be the "seventh",compared to the six offical "Phase I" botches.
Eli Attia's designsite down
Three pointed towers the height of the old antenna. (their site now links to an unrelated Youtube channel) was formerly affiliated with Gardner's plan,and had a site for WTC victims' families.www.wtctowersmemorial.orgwas a site for an affiliated group.
Russell Barton's pageDomain now for sale?
Memorial Tower by Ken Stoohs and David Sayh
(name also used by Higgins proposal)
Announced 2004,this is a 1594-foot building intended to replace only the "Freedom Tower" and leave the rest of the Libeskind plan uncorrected.

Mark Derr's "Resurrection" plan A casualty of the demise of AOL Hometown
Alexei Kudrasev's "World Center" (name also used by Barton's plan)
Steven Eiselen's "Spirit Towers"New...but site now not working

The World Trade Center towers MUST rise again, at least as tall as before...or terror has triumphed.