The World Trade Center Restoration Movement

Guide to Rebuilding Message Boards

WTC Roundtable new 2007...rebuilder-run!

Not just a message board though these are the main functionality of the site.A fair number of anti-rebuilders post here too. Registration is required.

No Longer Available:

The New York City Skyline site
A HOTBED of pro-rebuilders...registration/log-in required to post.
NYCS Backup Site NYCS Backup Site 2
Set up because the board got maliciously erased...something that happened for the sixth time in August 2004. The first backup site has been plagued by some problems itself.The second is apparently offline as well.
A third backup board was set up at,link specifically here.(temporarily offline also)

Gotham Gazette Rebuilding Page
There were boards(closed July 2005) and there are still news features. After they started moderating postings,at times no new posts made it through. The CBS "Ground Zero" message board
mainly registration required.

The World Trade Center towers MUST rise again, at least as tall as before...or terror has triumphed.