The World Trade Center Restoration Movement

Guide to Rebuilding-Related Sites

Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Corporation(since January 2002 they have gone by Lower Manhattan Development Corporation,a disturbing change indicating bias against their duty to restore what was there before)
The agency making most waves about the plans.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
The owners of the site.

The Civic Alliance
A coalition organized by the Regional Plan Association,bringing together groups with a definite bias toward causing change in the city...they put together the Listening to the City events,most recently online.
Reconstruction Report
They keep tabs on the process too.But they DON'T want the Towers back! Largely inactive
Downtown Express(new site)
A community paper for the Lower Manhattan area,they are editorially a bit anti-Towers but they have offered (moderated) comment-posting opportunities on all their stories.Be heard!
Site continues to link to their (old site for archives through April 2003) but it's gone.
Save West Street
Opponents of another of the planners' efforts...the turning of West Street,along the west side of the WTC site,into a tunnel.Potential allies against bad visions,they have succeeded in stopping the tunnel. Many residents of the affected area,built on landfill from WTC excavation,do want the Towers back.
Skyscraper Safety Campaign
Only implicitly anti-Towers in some of their statements,this group is concerned with toughening building codes...the bias that taller buildings won't stand long enough to evacuate needs to be met with the fact that shorter buildings are inclined to collapse disproportionately faster. Of course new Towers should be as safe as possible,but codes should not mandate the impossible.

The World Trade Center towers MUST rise again, at least as tall as before...or terror has triumphed.