The World Trade Center Restoration Movement

Guide to Rebuilding Petitions

The WTCRM's "soft" petition is designed for maximum signer doesn't get into contentious issues about design or placement relative to old footprints,so people with any views on these can still sign,and even those lukewarm about rebuilding can sign since it only asks to get towers at least as tall as before "on the ballot".On the other hand,it spells out that as tall as before means occupied space,roofline,and antenna ALL have to be as tall as before.

However,we now recommend our "hard" petition.

We also encourage people to sign the Twin Towers Alliance petition.

Other people's petitions to look over and consider...

Jason Lee's petition
Stefanie Cramer's petition
The Team Twin Towers petition also linked from their site.
Vincent Franco's petition
Jason Maeng's petition Concerns broader city planning also
Doug Goldstein's petition More against the FT,few specs on new Towers
Brendan P. Byrne's petitionNew--he supports the Gardner-Belton plan but the petition just says taller new Twin Towers

No longer open for signature:
Kathryn McGinley's petition
Craig Truglia's petition
Gary Taustine's petition calls for a public vote on the site development
The "No Ashes" petition against a mausoleum
Joy Goldberg's "Healing" petition
Joy Goldberg's "NY is Ours" petition

The World Trade Center towers MUST rise again, at least as tall as before...or terror has triumphed.