The World Trade Center Restoration Movement

Guide to Rebuilding Activism

Getting our voices heard can be difficult,when officials don't want to hear it or newspapers don't find it editorially congenial; but we must not be silenced.

Print,Sign,and Fax This Document to Mayor Bloomberg at 212-788-2460 NOW and Encourage All Your Friends to do the Same!!

We currently recommend signing the Twin Towers Alliance petition.

THIS is a critical comment opportunity...make clear you don't WANT "progress" with the current plans,you want those plans SCRAPPED and the WTC RESTORED to its former scale and style!

Who to Send Comments To:

The main mailing address for what's now officially the "Lower Manhattan Development Corporation" but we tend to call the "Leave Manhattan Destroyed Committee" based on their track record is

One Liberty Plaza,20th floor
New York,New York 

Fax number 212-962-2431 or -2433

They want plan comments only sent to that office, to the email address, to Kate Millea at, or by webform on their site.We recommend mail or fax.

The Port Authority can be reached at

115 Broadway,10th Floor (office that takes comments)
New York,New York 

and at

225 Park Avenue South  (current general headquarters)
New York,New York 

The City Council committee on Lower Manhattan Redevelopment was as of March 2006 taking comments at 250 Broadway,14th Floor, New York,New York 10007 (Attn:Arthur Schiff).

Past Commentary Timeline

The public comment period for the six stunted "Phase I" design options ended September 30,2002.

The comment period on the nine team designs that effectively replaced Phase II ended February 2,2003.

Comments on the Draft Scope GEIS document for the Libeskind plan were accepted only until August 4,2003.

Comments on the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement were accepted until March 15,2004.
Every voice we have must be heard in favor of the "Restoration Alternative" and against the "Proposed Action"!

The FINAL GEIS became available April 15,2004
and the comment period ended May 24,2004.

After one round of comments on the "Amended General Project Plan" (which they continue to change all the time while denying changes need outside approvals) ended March 19,2004,A NEW COMMENT PERIOD ENDED MARCH 10,2005,with the usual promise to ignore any received after that date!

Even though the FGEIS comment window has long closed, a little guerrilla action can be useful:

Print,Sign,and Fax This Document to 212-962-2431 NOW and Encourage All Your Friends to do the Same!!

Tell them the plan is useless..."END IT,DON'T AMEND IT!"

On June 20,2006 a ONE-WEEK comment period for a set of recommendations on the memorial was opened apparently instead of promised public hearings.

The latest comment window ends September 28th 2006! It concerns this PDF document on "Proposed Further Refinements" but they need to be CLEARLY told to scrap the ENTIRE plan!

The Port Authority accepted comments on the WTC PATH Station "scoping" until October 29th 2003.The Draft Environmental Impact Statement was open for comment until July 21st 2004,and the Final Environmental Impact Statement open for comment until June 15,2005.

Interactive Chat With Officials?

The Gotham Gazette Java-Chat Room is the occasional scene of interesting (moderated) conferences with relevant personnel,that we are not always able to keep current on.For example,Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff, a man who said there was "zero chance" of the Twin Towers returning, cancelled an August 15th 2002 conference two days in advance,and "picket fence" team architect Charles Gwathmey cancelled a January 31st 2003 conference just one day in advance.On April 24th 2003 they planned a conference with activist and official memorial jury planner Julie Menin but she was ordered to cancel it by the development corporation on April 23rd.

Where possible,we'll keep you posted on the chats.

Friday,December 5th 2003 was a chat with anti-Towers architect Rick Bell
and officially-rejected memorial designer Fred Bernstein.

WTCRM Rallies

October 11th 2002 the WTCRM held a rally near City Hall.

It was scheduled for 10AM to 2 PM.
Keynote speaker was 77th-floor survivor Jonathan Hakala, a vocal champion of rebuilding tall towers who lost close friends in the attacks.A pro-rebuilding message was read from famous tightrope walker Philippe Petit,who walked between the Twin Towers in 1974 and wants to see them rise again.

Other speakers addressed the arguments for rebuilding in various ways.
We got some press coverage in El Diario.
For more information see our press release.

Another rally was held November 2nd at 11AM at the same place.

The next rally

took place there July 26th 2003

Among the speeches was this one by columnist Deroy Murdock.

Watch this space for any future rallies or events.

Major Joint Announcement:July 4th 2004!


On September 11,2004 we were present ON LIBERTY STREET AT TRINITY PLACE to advocate proper rebuilding.

The most recent rally,held with the Twin Towers Alliance, was September 10,2006 in Central Park.

Timeline Guide

Upcoming events and milestones on the road to bringing back tall towers...

See the comment deadlines above.

Public pressure to increase the building height available in the remaining options is needed,both on the architects and the planners. The officials have now endorsed a plan by Studio Daniel Libeskind, though Mr. Libeskind,a museum specialist,has never designed office towers before.Modifications of his concepts are certain and we must make sure they are in the right direction even as we proceed to hold our own design competition in parallel.Libeskind accepts email.He has lately made agreements with leaseholder Silverstein Properties whose email addresses include those here, here,and here.

It will still be subject to modification after public comments and hearings as design and engineering firms are chosen to execute it.

Planner Roland Betts,however,is against further hearings...we may need to push just to hold them!

The February 18th 2004 hearings were as unpublicized as they legally could be.The January 26th 2005 session was the same.KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN.

The World Trade Center towers MUST rise again, at least as tall as before...or terror has triumphed.